How to Make Friends Online?

Friendship is one kind of relationship that stays with you in all your hard and happy times. Most of the people find friendship as the best relationship because it has been observed that friends are much closer than the family members. I also have strong belief in friendship as you can share even those things with your friends that you are hesitant to share with your parents or siblings.

In early days, we used to befriend with only those whom we interact face to face, but in the age of Technology and Internet, we started to make friends online as well. Online friends are those whom we meet online in a complete virtual world. Sometimes online friends become our best friends. Many a time we get a chance to meet with our online friends in person as well which is a great feeling.

I know a few of my friends who even found their life partner online. It makes me happy that how two persons from two different regions meet virtually, and become friends, then fall in love with each other. And, finally they get married. Truly amazing!

I am a blogger, and I love to make friends online because I want to share ideas, get suggestions, and learn different things from them. As I spend most of my time online, I need friends whom I can chit-chat with as we do with offline friends. This way, I do get a chance to enjoy talking about some normal stuff and some learning stuff as well.

I have been blogging for more than a year now, and I have made so many great friends from all the corners of the World. Making great friends online has never been an easy task for me because the online world was completely new to me, and I have heard bad things about being ditched, scammed, and betrayed online as well. It is tough to choose people to make friends online, as you don’t know the person whom you are talking whether he/she is right or wrong. You need to be very careful while making friends in the virtual world.

I am going to share a few tips that may help you make friends online. Below are the tips:

  1. Use Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are the best places to make good friends. Sites like Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin are top on my list when it comes to making good friends. I remember I made my first online friend on Facebook when I just started using it. But, a few things are there which must be taken care of while making friends on social sites, and that are given below:

(i). Be Polite to everyone: When you are communicating with many people on social sites, make sure you talk very politely because when you are good to everyone, then people love to be your friends. 

(ii). Be Patient: Most of the people online are hesitant to open up to new people. So, don’t think that they are egoistic or arrogant when people don’t respond in the way you want rather give some time to flourish the relationship, and you will notice that the people you want to be your friend, gradually come closer to you. They start sharing their personal and professional matters with you. Therefore, always be patient to build up a good friendship.

(iii). Respect others: Many people only think about themselves, and when they become friends with other people, they expect their friends to be available to talk whenever they want which is selfishness. You must respect your friends and try to understand their priorities, decisions, and other work engagements. 

(iv). Don’t flirt: If you are a boy and want to make friends with a girl then don’t start flirting or talking double meaning things because you can lose a good person who could be a good friend. Thus, always talk things that make her happy, and give excellent suggestions when she requires. That can flourish your friendship in a healthy manner. 

(V). Find like-minded people: It is good to find like-minded people to become friends with because you will have many things to discuss, and your friendship may grow well with the time. For example, I am a blogger so I am more interested making friends with bloggers because I can learn many things from them, can teach a few things to them, can discuss on new ideas, etc.

(Vi). Stay away from bad people: After a few talks you can have an idea about an individual whether he is good or not. If you find anything that is not good, better stay away. Make friends with good people only.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to make good friends. Yes, it is indeed a nice way to build healthy relationships. When you do a guest post on someone else’s blog, you have some good talk with the host blogger, and that’s where your friendship may start, and it can flourish well if you ask that blogger to post a guest article on your blog as well. This is how the friendship between you and that particular blogger gets started. Now, it is up to both of you as how you can take things forward. You may have a look at this post to know more about Guest blogging. 

It is not very easy to build healthy friendship relations by guest blogging, but if you work hard and deliver great quality, you can have great friends.

  1. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is comparatively an easier way to make good friends and flourish the relationship. All you have to do is to comment regularly on good blogs, and you will be noticed by the blog owner and other readers of that blog. Gradually you will see that they are becoming your friends as well. I am a good example of that; I have gotten most of my friends by blog commenting only. I started commenting on some blogs. Then they started coming to my blog, and this process kept going on. This way, I got to know them, and they got to know me. Friendship got started naturally. Look at a post of mine to know the benefits of blog commenting.

  1. Outreach

Outreach is something different from guest blogging and blog commenting as in this you have to write emails to other bloggers to introduce yourself and appreciate their notable work.

Yes, suppose I liked the articles of a particular blogger. Then what I can do is, I write an email to him appreciating his work as well as giving my introduction. There might be a possibility that he also visits my blog, and gradually some talk may happen. We may become good friends. However, Outreach is successful if you are popular or have experience because I have noticed that experienced blogger and marketers often ignore emails from newbies.

  1. Sharing others’ blog posts

This is another good way to make friends, and you can do this just after posting a comment. When you read and comment on a blog post, then you must share that post on your social media profiles as well. Make sure that you tag that blogger while sharing so that he/she gets notified that you have shared his/her blog post. He/she will likely to start sharing yours as well. There can be a healthy relationship formed gradually.


Look at the above screenshot in which I have liked and shared a post of Chery, and tagged her in the post, so that she got the notification. And, then she came by the post to like and comment. 

If you keep on doing such sharing, more bloggers come to know you, and gradually they will be your friends. They will also start sharing your blog posts.

  1. Help Everyone

If you help someone when he is in need, he remembers you always. One of my friends knows a lot about blogging, and in his blogging journey, he has helped so many budding bloggers and others. Due to this, he has so many awesome friends who respect him a lot.

Therefore, learn to help the one who is in need and get loyal friends. This is the simplest thing to do to make friends because helping is a noble cause also.

Final Words

Friendship is indeed the best relationship of the world, and I want to make friends with like-minded people. I am working on that already. The ways mentioned above helped me make many friends online out of which many are bloggers, and many are non-bloggers too.

How you are making friends online? Share your ideas and views.

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