10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Cashews

Cashew nuts are one of the most nutrient dense food with lowest fiber nuts, power packed with vitamins and minerals and with a goodness of antioxidants. And, it doesn’t end here, it includes vitamins E, K, and B6 along with potent minerals like copper, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and selenium of all of which are vital for maintaining good body functions. They taste delicious and are used in Indian gravies.  How many more reasons you need to include them in your diet. People across the globe are raving about the health benefits of cashew nuts, and they’re doing it for a reason. It works, as simple as it gets. From getting a drop dead gorgeous skin to lustrous hair locks and everything that comes in between. Cashew nuts have got you covered. Here’s why we’ve come up with top 10 amazing health benefits of cashews.

Congratulations, for taking a step forward to maintain your health and fitness. You’re reading this post, which means you need some changes and reading this post is the first and the most important step. I would like you to bookmark this post so that you can read it over and over until you sulk into it completely.

Cashew nuts are a one-stop shop for everything you look for from skin, hair care to whole bodily functions. And, all you need is a handful of it. Have I given you enough reasons to go nuts! Like I always mention in my post, moderation is the key. We all crave for a gorgeous skin, shiny hair, strong body functions and with one power food, you can cater to all your needs.

Cashews are a group of tasty and healthy nuts which are considered to be highly beneficial for our health. Cashew Nuts are obtained in various forms in the market- in the pristine, unsalted form with their shells and also in the form of salted cashews, either as a whole or in broken form. Cashew nuts are actually seeds which remain adhered to the cashew apple fruits. They are mostly found in places that have a tropical climate and grows abundantly in the coastal areas of India, Srilanka, Kenya, Tanzania and some places of north-eastern Brazil. We eat cashews in various ways- we eat them raw and also add the unsalted cashews in various recipes as a major ingredient.

Nutritional Importance of Cashew Nuts

Cashew Nuts are a storehouse of all the vital nutrients essential for keeping us fit and healthy.

1 ounce of raw cashew contains:

  • 155 calories
  • 2 g of carbohydrates
  • 1 g of proteins
  • 3 mg of Vitamin E
  • 5 mcg of Vitamin K
  • 1 mg of Vitamin B6
  • 4 mg of Calcium
  • 4 mg of Sodium

Apart from the above-mentioned nutrients, it also contains minute quantities of copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3 etc. A cashew is also a rich source of oleic acid, mono-unsaturated fats and low amounts of polyunsaturated fats. Unlike other nuts, they do not increase the levels of cholesterol in the blood if taken in required amount daily.

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cashews

The cashew nuts health benefits of cashews are innumerable and can keep us hale and hearty if consumed in the desired amounts on a regular basis. Let us discuss some of the health benefits of cashews in details:

  1. Improves our Heart Health: It has been found that regular consumption of cashew nuts can reduce the chances of heart-related ailments, hypertension by a considerable amount and even lower the risk of myocardial infarction (heart attack). Cashews reduce the quantity of LDL cholesterol, generally referred to as the “bad cholesterol”, in the blood which is responsible for the thickening of arteries carrying blood to the heart. The Monounsaturated fats (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) present in cashew nuts are considered to be highly healthy for the heart. They also increase the levels of the “good cholesterol” in the blood, the HDL cholesterol, which are quite beneficial for heart health and also reduces the triglyceride levels in the blood. Improving the heart healrt is one of the most important health benefits of cashews.

2. Role in the formation of RBC: The iron and copper present in cashews help in the formation of the red blood cells (RBC) thus strengthens the overall immune system of the body. They also help in proper circulation of blood and oxygen to the brain and heart.

3. Role in eye-sight protection: The huge amounts of antioxidants present in cashews like lutein and zeaxanthin shield the eyesight against strong light which leads to blindness in elderly people and even lower the risks of formation of cataracts in the eyes. The cashew nuts health benefits in the protection of the eyesight are not known to many.

4. Role in maintaining healthy Muscles and Nerves: The magnesium present in cashew nuts are essential in the development of bones and muscles in the body. Magnesium also aids in the functioning of tissues and organs thus helping in the proper functioning of the overall systems of the body. Magnesium also maintains the insulin level in the blood thus reducing the chances of diabetes. Magnesium present in cashews also helps in the proper functioning of the nerves, strengthens the immune system and controls the normal metabolism of our body. So these cashew nuts health benefits should not be ignored.

5. Role in Cancer and cancer treatment: Certain antioxidants present in cashews like anacardic acids, cardanols, cardols are seen to be highly beneficial for patients undergoing chemotherapy for tumors and cancers and are considered absolutely safe for them. Cashews are also believed to prevent the incidence of cancer in our body thus these benefits of cashews are great.

6. Role in Diabetes Prevention: Since cashew nuts do not contain any sugar or cholesterol, they are absolutely safe for intake by patients suffering from diabetes. They also maintain the sugar level in the blood by controlling the levels of insulin, thus prevents Type-2 Diabetes.

7. Role in Oral Health: The phosphorus and calcium present in cashews are highly beneficial for the development and functioning of bones and teeth. Protein synthesis in our body is also facilitated by phosphorus present in the cashew nuts thus improving our overall health.

8. Role in the prevention of gallstones: Gallstones are hard deposits of calcium which generally occurs in the gallbladder and can impose serious health risks if not treated at the right time. It has been seen that regular consumption of cashew nuts can minimize the formation of gallstones, thus these benefits of cashews are undeniable.

9. Role in strengthening the immune system: Immunity helps us to fight against germs and protect our body from various kinds of diseases and ailments. The zinc present in cashew nuts protects the body from the infection of microbes and also help in the healing of the damaged tissues and helps in the formation of new cells. Cashews are found to be extremely beneficial for pregnant mothers and have a great effect on the health of children by boosting their immune system.

10. Role in weight loss: Since cashews do not contain cholesterol or saturated fats, their intake will help in regulation of our body weight. Since they also control the metabolism of our body that also helps in weight regulation.

Thus the above benefits of cashews should be considered and cashew should be incorporated in our regular diet to maintain a healthy and disease-free life. Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are many more health benefits of cashews, some of which are still under research.

Elon Musk – Co-Founder of PayPal

This post gives the life history and achievements of Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal.

Beginning life of Elon Musk

Elon Musk was born in South Africa in the year 1971. His father Errol was a mechanical and electrical engineer and his mother Maye was a nutritionist cum Model. He bought a computer at age 10 and taught himself to write programs. When he was 12, he contributed his program for a game named “Blaster” and made his first software sale with it. Then, his parents got divorced and he moved around to different schools. Elon never had a chance to make true friends and so he started to dream about moving to America.

Elon Musk’s college days

At the age of 17, Elon musk went to Canada to attend Queen’s collage. He earned some bucks by cleaning out sawmill and boilers in his cousin’s farm.  In 1992, he moved to University of Pennsylvania to study business and Physics. After completing his under graduation he headed to study PhD in energy physics in Stanford University, California. But he decided to quit his studies and formed a company named “Zip2”.

His achievements as an entrepreneur  

1. Zip2: Together with his brother, Elon Musk founded online content publishing software company “Zip2” in the year 1995. As it was a big boon of Internet that time, New York Times and Chicago Tribune became the client of Zip2 to publish news across media circles. In 1999, he sold this company to Compaq computer corporation for 307$ million. After Elon became a millionaire, he started his next company at his age of 28.
2. PayPal: Elon Musk started the next web -based project X.com for financial services and email payments. Then in the year 2000, a company named Confinity was bought by X.com to offer the Internet money transfer process called PayPal.  As PayPal is the viable online payment option, it was a grand success for online transactions and it made Elon a Billionaire. Yes, In October 2002 Ebay acquired PayPal for $1.5 billion.

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3. Space X: Elon Musk’s next venture was little high i.e in the area of space. He became the chief designer of SpaceX and in the year 2002, his ultimate goal was to extend the life of human to other planets. He designed two launch vehicles Falcon 1 and Falcon 9 to lift the heavy object into revolution and also created “Mars Oasis” to grow plants on Mars.  NASA awarded Space X to develop vehicles for taking cargo to and from the international space station. In the year 2010, SpaceX made some achievements in recovering a spacecraft from Earth orbit.
4. Tesla motor: Elon Musk is the co-founder of tesla motors and has been its CEO since October 2008. This is an electric sports car company and now aiming to build the self-driving car within 3 years. This company already makes the high performance two seated electric car on the market.
5. Elon Musk’s impact in other companies

  • He is the trustee of X prize Foundation, a company which promotes renewable energy technologies.
  • He assisted as a Non-executive director in Surrey Satellite technology.
  • He co-founded a company related to photovoltaic products and services called SloarCity.
  • He is the chairman of Musk foundation and it is has been created to focus on aerospace, science, energy and pediatric health.
  • He is the member of Stanford University Engineering Advisory council.

6. Hyperloop
Last month (Aug, 2013), Elon Musk announced his Hyperloop transportation system between Los Angeles and San Francisco. This would send the passengers at the speed of 700mph through steel tubes in 30 minutes.

Marriage life of Elon Musk

Elon Musk married Justine  Musk in the year 2000. Then he divorced her in 2008 got married with a British actress, Talulah Riley. He has five sons and his second wife too left him in 2012. Even though Elon Musk has attained considerable success as an entrepreneur,  his personal life seems fruitless.

Elon Musk is the great inspiring person and his amazing technical endeavours like SpaceX, PayPal, tesla motors etc. are remarkable in the Internet and Science filed. What do you think about his great achievements? Share your thoughts with me.

Jade Raymond – The Sexiest Lady Programmer

Jade Raymond is the perfect example for the young female aspirants who want to make big in the technology industry. Born and brought up in Montreal her life has been tailor made to lead her where she is now. Jade Raymond is the successful Managing Director of Ubisoft Toronto. In her early life she spent schooling in Montreal and graduated from St. George’s School in 1992 and then from the Marianoplois College in 1994. She was always the bright one, high on merit and top of her class. As a small kid, she was always fascinated by computers and especially gaming. At a very young age, she started thinking what she could possibly do to change gaming. Her work for online gaming development so is stunning.

It’s not just the brains that reflect on what she is, it is the whole personality. She has been adjudged one of the most beautiful women in business by various magazines and blogs over the years. Jade Raymond received her degree in Bachelor of Computer Science from McGill University in 1998 which is also situated in Montreal. Her first job led her to the doors of Sony as a programmer. She then went on to create and be the part of Sony Online’s first ever Research and Development group. All this in her life led to her leading the charge as a producer for one of the most successful online games- The Sims Online, this was along with Electronic Arts. The Sims Online received the award for the best online multiplayer game at E3 2002 Game Critics’ Awards.

The Sexy Jade Raymond worked as a programmer for television game show “Jeopardy!” the show has crossed the globe and different countries have made it their own and produced it. In America, CBS still continues the distribution. Working for Sony she also laid her hands on Trivial Pursuit which is a board game. Her biggest success story was yet to come and it was going to make her and Ubisoft really big in the gaming industry- Assassin’s Creed.

In crafting Assassin’s Creed Jade Raymond had a huge role. She served as the producer for the game. We doubt before release Ubisoft was aware as to what they were going to make of this role playing game. Assassin’s Creed story and development were pushed under Jade’s supervision as a producer. The area of gamers who were never into the role playing games had a huge reason to come and play the Assassin’s Creed- it was more than just an RPG. All the games, all series included have sold over 55 million copies! This is an unbelievable number for a game to achieve. 5 series of books have been written capturing the brilliant story we were all made a part of thanks to Jade. Jade Raymond was also the producer of Assassin’s Creed II. Currently, she has been working on Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist as a producer.

Apart from her work in the gaming industry, she also takes interest in helping people. Jade Raymond currently volunteers for a non-profit organization called LOVE which is made to eradicate violence among the youth of Canada. She is married and has a daughter and a son and continues to be successful in her field.

How to Make Friends Online?

Friendship is one kind of relationship that stays with you in all your hard and happy times. Most of the people find friendship as the best relationship because it has been observed that friends are much closer than the family members. I also have strong belief in friendship as you can share even those things with your friends that you are hesitant to share with your parents or siblings.

In early days, we used to befriend with only those whom we interact face to face, but in the age of Technology and Internet, we started to make friends online as well. Online friends are those whom we meet online in a complete virtual world. Sometimes online friends become our best friends. Many a time we get a chance to meet with our online friends in person as well which is a great feeling.

I know a few of my friends who even found their life partner online. It makes me happy that how two persons from two different regions meet virtually, and become friends, then fall in love with each other. And, finally they get married. Truly amazing!

I am a blogger, and I love to make friends online because I want to share ideas, get suggestions, and learn different things from them. As I spend most of my time online, I need friends whom I can chit-chat with as we do with offline friends. This way, I do get a chance to enjoy talking about some normal stuff and some learning stuff as well.

I have been blogging for more than a year now, and I have made so many great friends from all the corners of the World. Making great friends online has never been an easy task for me because the online world was completely new to me, and I have heard bad things about being ditched, scammed, and betrayed online as well. It is tough to choose people to make friends online, as you don’t know the person whom you are talking whether he/she is right or wrong. You need to be very careful while making friends in the virtual world.

I am going to share a few tips that may help you make friends online. Below are the tips:

  1. Use Social Media Sites

Social Media Sites are the best places to make good friends. Sites like Facebook, Google+, and Linkedin are top on my list when it comes to making good friends. I remember I made my first online friend on Facebook when I just started using it. But, a few things are there which must be taken care of while making friends on social sites, and that are given below:

(i). Be Polite to everyone: When you are communicating with many people on social sites, make sure you talk very politely because when you are good to everyone, then people love to be your friends. 

(ii). Be Patient: Most of the people online are hesitant to open up to new people. So, don’t think that they are egoistic or arrogant when people don’t respond in the way you want rather give some time to flourish the relationship, and you will notice that the people you want to be your friend, gradually come closer to you. They start sharing their personal and professional matters with you. Therefore, always be patient to build up a good friendship.

(iii). Respect others: Many people only think about themselves, and when they become friends with other people, they expect their friends to be available to talk whenever they want which is selfishness. You must respect your friends and try to understand their priorities, decisions, and other work engagements. 

(iv). Don’t flirt: If you are a boy and want to make friends with a girl then don’t start flirting or talking double meaning things because you can lose a good person who could be a good friend. Thus, always talk things that make her happy, and give excellent suggestions when she requires. That can flourish your friendship in a healthy manner. 

(V). Find like-minded people: It is good to find like-minded people to become friends with because you will have many things to discuss, and your friendship may grow well with the time. For example, I am a blogger so I am more interested making friends with bloggers because I can learn many things from them, can teach a few things to them, can discuss on new ideas, etc.

(Vi). Stay away from bad people: After a few talks you can have an idea about an individual whether he is good or not. If you find anything that is not good, better stay away. Make friends with good people only.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is another great way to make good friends. Yes, it is indeed a nice way to build healthy relationships. When you do a guest post on someone else’s blog, you have some good talk with the host blogger, and that’s where your friendship may start, and it can flourish well if you ask that blogger to post a guest article on your blog as well. This is how the friendship between you and that particular blogger gets started. Now, it is up to both of you as how you can take things forward. You may have a look at this post to know more about Guest blogging. 

It is not very easy to build healthy friendship relations by guest blogging, but if you work hard and deliver great quality, you can have great friends.

  1. Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting is comparatively an easier way to make good friends and flourish the relationship. All you have to do is to comment regularly on good blogs, and you will be noticed by the blog owner and other readers of that blog. Gradually you will see that they are becoming your friends as well. I am a good example of that; I have gotten most of my friends by blog commenting only. I started commenting on some blogs. Then they started coming to my blog, and this process kept going on. This way, I got to know them, and they got to know me. Friendship got started naturally. Look at a post of mine to know the benefits of blog commenting.

  1. Outreach

Outreach is something different from guest blogging and blog commenting as in this you have to write emails to other bloggers to introduce yourself and appreciate their notable work.

Yes, suppose I liked the articles of a particular blogger. Then what I can do is, I write an email to him appreciating his work as well as giving my introduction. There might be a possibility that he also visits my blog, and gradually some talk may happen. We may become good friends. However, Outreach is successful if you are popular or have experience because I have noticed that experienced blogger and marketers often ignore emails from newbies.

  1. Sharing others’ blog posts

This is another good way to make friends, and you can do this just after posting a comment. When you read and comment on a blog post, then you must share that post on your social media profiles as well. Make sure that you tag that blogger while sharing so that he/she gets notified that you have shared his/her blog post. He/she will likely to start sharing yours as well. There can be a healthy relationship formed gradually.


Look at the above screenshot in which I have liked and shared a post of Chery, and tagged her in the post, so that she got the notification. And, then she came by the post to like and comment. 

If you keep on doing such sharing, more bloggers come to know you, and gradually they will be your friends. They will also start sharing your blog posts.

  1. Help Everyone

If you help someone when he is in need, he remembers you always. One of my friends knows a lot about blogging, and in his blogging journey, he has helped so many budding bloggers and others. Due to this, he has so many awesome friends who respect him a lot.

Therefore, learn to help the one who is in need and get loyal friends. This is the simplest thing to do to make friends because helping is a noble cause also.

Final Words

Friendship is indeed the best relationship of the world, and I want to make friends with like-minded people. I am working on that already. The ways mentioned above helped me make many friends online out of which many are bloggers, and many are non-bloggers too.

How you are making friends online? Share your ideas and views.

Top 10 Things to Know about Personal Loans

Personal loans are known as the unsecured loans which are also one of the most popular loans availed by the people today. There are a few explanations for why these loan types have become so popular recently. It is because the lenders don’t confine or limit the end utilization of the assets gave by means of personal loan. This implies one can utilize the personal loan for any reason they think fit.

Another most significant motivation behind why personal loan is well known is that because these loans are unsecured in nature. This implies that like other loans like car or home where you need to provide any collateral security to take the loan thus, the same is not required in personal loan. Additionally, with no necessity of a guarantee, the documentation required to get the loan is likewise far less when contrasted with some other credit types.

As we have discussed how the personal loans are popular among people these days, but there are things to know or consider before applying or taking any personal loan. Here, we will discuss the essential things such as:

  1. Interest rate: Well, the interest rates for the personal loans are higher than the secured loans, it is because you are not giving nay security to the bank therefore, bank charges you double interest in comparison to secured loan types.
  2. Credit scores: it is really important for you to maintain a good credit score as there is no collateral security available in this type of loan. Therefore, it is really important to manage your credit score rating to avail the personal loan at less interest rate.
  3. Short term loan: well personal loan is the type of loan which only offers to manage you short term financials as you can take this loan for some large purchases, for going on family vacation or more. Thus, don’t apply for the loan if you want something for a loan term as the personal loan is only available for the tenure of 7 years or less than that.
  4. Different sources: There are a greater number of alternatives than your bank with regards to avail the personal loan. Credit associations frequently have lower financing costs and processing charges for providing their personal loans. Thus, decide and choose the best one for you.
  5. Consolidates the debt: Personal loans helps in consolidating your debts as you can pay the other multiple loans or other outstanding credit card payments. Thus, the personal loans will help in easing or consolidating your other debts which are high on interest.
  6. Emergency cash: well you should only use the personal loan when you will be needing money on an emergency case. Such as in case of any sever life uncertainty like accident, death and more. At the situation when nobody is there you can simply rely on personal loans.
  7. Ability to pay: it is the most essential thing to consider as you should only take a personal loan by reviewing your ability to repay the EMI’s for the same. Thus, it is important to consider your financial obligation for taking a loan.
  8. Loan application: follow the proper procedure for applying for the loan and in case if your application is rejected by any means. Then you have to wait for at least 6 months to apply again.
  9. Pre-payment: look for the prepayment option provided by the lender as prepayment allows you to save huge on your interest amount. Thus, look for this essential feature before.
  10. Multiple loans: it is advised that never apply for the multiple loans at the same time. It’s because multiple loan lowers down your credit score. As it not only affects your creditability but also increase your financial obligation too.

Where and How to Invest Money for Better Returns

Investment is always considered as a wise option to get benefits out of your secured funds. It is said to be wise if we invest into productive investments which helps in providing best returns to our investments.

Thus, an effective investment ensures the better present and future financial security to the investors. And the money which generates from the investments also provides the better and regular incomes as well as the financial security to you.

Thus, let’s discuss some effective investment options for 2020 which can help in providing you the better returns.

Invest in to the Stock Market 

The most well-known and seemingly most useful spot for the potential investors to put their cash is into the securities exchange. At the point when you purchase a stock, you will at that point claim a little bit of the organization you got tied up with. 

At the point when the organization benefits, they may pay you a segment of those benefits in profits dependent on what number of portions of stock you claim. 

Further, at the point when the business develops after some time, with the price of shares you own also increase. Thus, it implies that you receive more benefits and better returns for your initial investment.

Putting resources into the securities market implies that you can add to any organization’s capital.  An organization’s value can be obtained by purchasing their shares, and the cost of said shares will rise or decrease contingent on the organization’s performance. Thus, the investors will benefits if the organization from which the value was bought likewise makes benefits.

It would offer you the better returns. Implying that if you are new to the stock market than you should start by studying the market growth of the companies before investing your money in to a particular company.

Well it is an investment option for those who also want to take some risk with their investments. As the stock market is of uncertain nature and allows you to fluctuate your earnings in accordance to the position of your company in which you have invested.

Thus, you may also receive better returns for your investment. But you should be aware that the stock market is not a risk free investment.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

It is a smart and easy investment options which may require you to invest a certain amount of money on the regular basis. You can choose the mode of payment for paying the SIP installments as monthly, quarterly, and weekly. 

Mutual funds

It is the investment where your funds are put on group of investment option. Thus, it is the one of the safe investment option in comparison to investing in shares in stock market.

Investment in Real Estate

Real Estate is additionally a decent region to put your resources into. The profits on investment offered by Real Estate is higher than some other investment

Other effective investment options to invest your money in 2020 include:


  • Public Provident fund
  • National pension Scheme
  • Direct Equity
  • Fixed deposits
  • Saving Account
  • Investment Bonds



Why Should You takes medical insurance at the early stage of the life?

Insurance is the assurance which helps you in providing benefits or safety against the uncertain future risk. Therefore, insurance is important in all the aspects of life such as life insurance, property insurance and more.

In the same concept, medical insurance is equally important to protect you and your family against the medical emergency of life. It provides you with a much needed financial relief at the time of medical emergencies. Therefore, buying the medical insurance may help in reimbursing you against the expenses incurred from any insured illness.

Here we will discuss on the need of buying a medical insurance at the early stage of life:

  • Better plans: well the most effective factor to buy a medical insurance at the early age implies that you will get the best policy plans. It may help in covering the best for you.
  • Comprehensive plan: You will receive the benefit of comprehensive medical coverage. Thus, you can easily enjoy the better security during your employment age and even after your retirement.
  • Low premium: You will again get the benefit of paying low or less premium if you buy a medical cover at an early age. It is because an insurance premium depends upon your age as the lower age implies low premium.
  • Enjoy the Tax benefit: Buying a medical cover not only protects you against the medical emergencies but also helps in saving your tax also. It is as buying a health insurance cover at an early age allows you to receive a longer tax benefits under 80D of income tax act. As the premium paid for the medical cover is exempted in, the income tax and you can receive the benefit for the same.
  • More extensive alternatives: You will be in a situation to browse a wide assortment of medical coverage plans at an early age instead of in your late 40s. You have the opportunity to select which best suites your prerequisites by breaking down all the significant parameters. 
  • Lower odds of dismissal: At an early age, you have numerous productive years in front of you with mess medical complications. Thus, the chance of medical cover rejection also lowers in the case if you buy an early medical cover.
  • Financial planning: Buying an early medical insurance offers you the better coverage and better benefits, but this is not the only thing as you also receive the better financial planning with the same as you can manage your finances in an efficient manner. It is also benefits you as you can invest in other long term investment options as you don’t have to worry about the risk of medical emergencies with the medical cover.
  • High risk of poor health- due to change in environmental factors, now the people of all ages are pertain to various illness. Thus, the medical cover at an early age helps you to incur the cost of your medical expenses for a long time.