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New Jersey could see marijuana delivery, “immediate” expungements and more dispensaries than previously allowed if the bills legislators are crafting make their way through the Legislature. This would be a great move in the right direction for anyone who uses medical marijuana to help with any ailments they may have. This way, they will be within distance to be able to obtain their medication, without having to struggle to find dispensaries elsewhere. As medical marijuana is legal in a number of states, florida dispensaries also hold products that patients can get their hands on, of course only if they carry a medical marijuana card.

For the last several weeks, a handful of state lawmakers, some of the most powerful politicians in the state among them, have been drafting new marijuana legislation in hopes of having the bills make there way through the legislature.

The goal has been to arrive at two bills — one for medical marijuana and one for full legalization — that can satisfy Gov. Phil Murphy and win support from the majority of the Legislature.

One of the major pieces currently being considered in the current bill includes Marijuana delivery.