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The director of women’s and gender studies at the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania said “toxic masculinity” is driving both mass shootings and terror attacks in the United States.

Colleen Clemens, tweeted repeatedly “Toxic masculinity is killing everyone,” in the wake of the worst shooting on a house of worship in American history, where 26 people were killed, told the Washington Free Beacon that both yesterday’s massacre and the ISIS-inspired terror attack in New York City on Halloween were the result of a “construct of masculinity that asks men to be inhuman.”

“When men feel disenfranchised, and usually it’s white men, they will find a way to feel enfranchised—and killing a room-full or street-full of people is them trying to fill that empty feeling,” said Clemens. “That drive is motivated by a toxic masculinity and a person who is deeply effected by that toxicity can fall prey to any kind of fanaticism. It can be rabid white, misogynistic nationalism and it can be ISIS.”

“There’s a similarity in how America and ISIS teaches men to be: men must be virile, strong, powerful,” she said. “And men are convinced that the reason they don’t have that [power] is because of gains made by women. There’s a lot more space now at the table for a lot of different types of identities, and the anxiety that comes of that heightens a specific type of masculinity that thinks masculinity should always be in a place of power.”



h/t: Freebeacon