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First, Berkeley tried protesting. Then, they tried pricing the College Republicans out of holding Ben Shapiro’s speech on campus.Once they realized Shapiro was still showing up, they offered counseling. Now, protesters are just flat-out lying.

On Thursday, the Secretary of the Berkeley College Republicans caught Shapiro protesters on video (it’s not clear whether the protesters are students), shouting through a bullhorn, accusing Shapiro of being the “architect” and “founder” of “this fascist ideological regime” (presumably the Trump/Pence Administration).

If it weren’t caught on tape, it would be too crazy to believe. Watch the madness below.

Ben is scheduled to speak at Berkeley on Thursday and the school is already “bracing” for his impact, as if he was a category five hurricane off the San Francisco coastline. There will be a “closed perimeter” and “increased police presence,” while Shapiro delivers his speech, which is, of course, about free speech.

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