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Last Wednesday, Chick-fil-A kicked off their “Cow Appreciation Day,” unfortunately they’re, Pinellas Park, Florida storefront was invaded by social justice warriors. The Chick-fil-A protesters brought in real looking knives, fake blood and cow costumes.

“They came in slicing each other’s throats, putting each other on their knees, dropping them onto the floor in front of a bunch of children,” said Crystal Valle-Najar.

The restaurant was offering free food to people dressed like a cow’s. The protesters went to lay on the floor taking up space in the store. Chick-fil-A employees pleaded with the protesters to leave.

The most hilarious thing about this event is the simple fact that Chick-fil-A stores don’t even serve beef, rather ‘chick’en. Watch the protesters in the video clip obtained by Tina Leacock below.

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