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Awebsite called It’s Going Down, which defines itself as a “platform for revolutionary anarchist, anti-fascist and autonomous anti-capitalist movements” features a variety of materials that promote violence against those who disagree with them ideologically.

Most of their acts of criminality seem like little more than awkward pranks, yet a great deal of some anarchists have resorted to criminal behavior. In Mexico City, Antifa took credit for detonating an explosive device at an Exxonmobil facility.

It’s Going Down receives some of its funding through Patreon, where it gets over $1,000 a month from its patrons. Antifa actively participates and endorses violence, by that standard Antifa would be violating Patreon’s  TOS.

The internet has since started a #DefundAntifa challenge to rid It Going Down of it’s Patreon page. Report It’s Going Down here.


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