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CNN “updated” their app recently to erase the thousands of 1-star reviews they received from going after a redditor. Within hours after the new app update, they’re right back at an overall 1-star review again. The internet seemingly does not forget about things. The internet flooded the app with negative 1-star reviews as a sort of revenge for going after an anonymous Reddit user.

The Reddit user may or may not have created President Trump’s now infamous meme that he posted to Twitter depicting himself body slamming a CNN logo superimposed over Vince Mcmahon’s face.

Many of the negative reviews focused on CNN’s coverage of the Reddit user. “They had no right to do what they did over something as silly as a meme,” one reviewer wrote. “You have gone too far this time, to attack a mere meme farmer for a simple joke? Pathetic,” another stated.

Before the update:

After the update:

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