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InfoWars editor-at-large Paul Joseph Watson was temporarily blocked on Facebook for 24 hours Thursday morning following a Facebook post in which he summed up as a joke. Watson said the following in a tweet seen below, “a joke about feminism, A hate crime in cult leader Zuckerberg’s new church of political correctness.”

The Facebook post Watson was most likely reported for in regards to ‘making a joke about feminism’ was an image of Tinder profile in which the user states, “If the phrase ‘men are trash’ upsets you, swipe left,” and “If you think everyone is entitled to an opinion, swipe left.” Welp, let’s just hope she’s getting all the right matches. As for blocking Watson, people make fun of 3rd wave feminism on Facebook all the time. Someone at Facebook’s HQ clearly has their eyes peeled on political dissidents like Watson. The temporary banning of Watson is simply another example of the moral busybodies up in Silicon Valley, clamping down on political speech they do not favor.

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