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Cinco De Mayo is a holiday in which a plethora of college students across the nation go out and have a good time celebrating like any other holiday. Whether it be Christmas, Halloween, July 4th, New Years Eve or Thanksgiving college students are bound to disregard the exact reason a holiday came into being to gather for social communion and join in everybody else’s well being, something that humans have done for millennia.

Every year students enjoy the nice weather and their friends time in celebrating Cinco De Mayo a Mexican national holiday, the same way non-Christian students celebrate Christmas during their college experience.

This year at UNH an avid social justice warrior and control-fixated moral busybody was having none of it. University of New Hampshire student, Danique Monitque went up to film a student minding his own wearing a poncho reprimanding him for “cultural appropriation,” watch below.

Being fed up with the real injustices in the world, Danique took things into her own hands by posting pictures of random UNH students she found online and most importantly a video to her Facebook page. Attempting to score social brownie points on Facebook Danique stated how disrespectful it was for a student wearing a poncho to “demean and appropriate Mexican culture.”

Danique posted a video of herself  yelling at a UNH student named Mike. Screaming and hollering at Mike, Danique said that Mike was stereotyping all Mexicans as people who are lazy & drink (something Mike did not say rather Danique by herself came to that judgement). She also screamed that wearing a poncho is racist if you are not Mexican without realizing that ponchos have been used in pre-Hispanic times both in Peru and Bolivia, places that very much so not Mexico.During the video Danique referred to Trump and America as “his president” and “his country” to Mike. Somehow Danique seemingly is able to exist within her own delusion that even though she goes to school in New Hampshire which is located within America’s borders, somehow President Trump policies do not apply to her because after all President Trump is not her president.

Although usually a socially liberal university, many UNH students were extremely displeased with how Danique acted. One student, in particular, an exchange student from Mexico City, explains:

“I do not think this guy was being offensive by wearing a poncho. I believe that the statements and reactions that this girl had would have been more fitting if this boy screamed ‘fuck Mexicans’ or something.”

Social justice has completely been devoid of legitimate justice and equal rights for all. The modern far-left social justice movement is simply a mirror image of the far-right religious movement from several decades ago. The same religious-right, leftists constantly bash, fail to realize that they too seek to control how others think and express themselves.

The modern far-left social justice fringe now wants to control what you can and cannot say, think or do. The same way the religious-right of decades past wanted to ban video games, oh how history repeats itself.

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