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When the announcement that Alex Jones would be joining longtime friend Joe Rogan in LA for episode #911 of the Joe Rogan Experience the internet lost its collective mind. A plethora of keyboard warriors across social media had instantly reprimanded Joe for giving a platform to an apparent racist white supremacist operating under the name, Alex Jones. Of course as always when the left throws in hopes of smearing a high-profile pundit, they typically have little to no proof to back up any of their absurd claims.

In just under 7 days, episode #911 with Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo has amassed a near 2.5 million views with¬†over 60k+ likes and just under 3K dislikes making it Rogan’s most popular episode on YouTube to date.The immense amount of interest and traction that Alex Jones pulls is quite indicative of the thirst for something new and true rather than being victim to a narrative setting media with manufactured political pundits on the TV screen.

Jones talks about everything from aliens to weather disruptive technology and mass child sex trafficking. If one things clear from the YouTube comments section, the people want more. Watch episode #911 of The Joe Rogan Experience with Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo below.