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On Tuesday, January 31st news gathering website, Reddit removed a post from the top of its “r/all” page. “R/all” is where the latest popular news from all across the websites various sub-reddits can be seen, making it the go-to destination for news consumers daily.

A post about child pornography charges against disgraced congressman, Anthony Weiner, had made its way to the top of Reddit becoming the 4th most relevant news article at the time, only to be removed moments later.It seems as if even the higher ups at Reddit are not aware of one common preface about the internet. Once you put something up its never going down. As soon as the public had been aware of Reddit’s blatant censorship a colossal Streisand effect had taken place, only furthering people’s convictions about child sex trafficking within the upper echelons of government.

Now does Reddit have the authority to do this? Of course they do its their website, yet this only raises one question in the mind of those who have become aware of this blatant censorship. Why is Reddit scrubbing articles on child sex-trafficking?

Censoring free speech will only lead to negative business consequences for Reddit, as users flock from the site in search for alternative free speech vote ranking systems such as voat.co

Featured image via: Bob Al-Greene/Mashable