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This past Tuesday night a popular Trump Facebook fan page, God Emperor Trump of some 214,000 followers was mysteriously taken down by Facebook in the dead of night for no apparent reason. The page has yet to receive any evidence of wrongdoing from Facebook. As of Tuesday 9:00 p.m. EST the page has been restored. This all comes after Info Wars a media organization owned by Alex Jones, publishes an article on Facebook’s blatant censorship of the page.The creator of the original God Emperor Trump page has since started a new backup page the, God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back in case of another attack.This is not the first time God Emperor Trump has been singled out by Facebook. Late last September the page was unpublished, with no evidence of wrongdoing. The page only resurfaced after alternative media figures like Paul Joseph Watson of Info Wars had expressed discontent and pressured Facebook for the pages reinstatement.

It appears Facebook unpublished God Emperor Trump for no other reason than it is a large, effective Pro-Trump social media page.

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